Witness the FEIYUE, Shine the Future Together - 2023 China International Sewing Machinery Exhibition (CISMA) ended successfully!


FeiYue Group

On September 28th, the 4-day China International Sewing Machinery Exhibition 2023 (CISMA 2023) concluded successfully at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.

Feiyue's domestic intelligent sewing machines made a big splash at the exhibition, and the exhibition was very fruitful, with orders hitting a record high. Feiyue welcomed friends from all over the world with a brand new attitude and presented the latest technology products to the visitors from all over the world. The exhibition not only has product display, technology demonstration, but also has a national platform live broadcast, which brings a new experience of modern intelligent sewing to the global audience.


According to the show's big data, the four-day show featured 1,400 exhibitors, with a total exhibition area of more than 140,000 square meters, attracting more than 60,000 professional visitors to the site to join in the great event!


The success of the exhibition cannot be separated from the enthusiasm of industry partners and global visitors, which gives Feiyue more power to bring better products and services. In the future, Feiyue will continue to share the latest cutting-edge technology, carry out trade cooperation and serve the global businessmen through the CISMA platform, so as to energize the development of the industry and boost the industry to be more prosperous.



Leaders and global partners gather to talk about the new future of Feiyue!

On September 25th, the first day of the exhibition, Mr. Zhang Chonghe, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of China National Light Industry Council (CNLIC), Mr. Bu Zhengfa, former President of CNLIC, and Mr. He Ye, Vice President of CNLIC, accompanied by Mr. Yang Xiaojing, Chairman of China National Association of Sewing Machinery (CNASM), visited Feiyue's booth, listened to the introduction of the leadership of Feiyue, and encouraged Feiyue to continue to innovate and to lead the industry in achieving the transformation and upgrading of the whole industrial chain and realizing high-quality development.


In the afternoon of 26th, Wang Guoping, director of Jiaojiang District People's Congress Standing Committee, and Ying Caibo, deputy director of the Standing Committee, visited Feiyue's booth and spoke highly of Feiyue's new modern intelligent domestic machines. 27th morning, Ma Jun, deputy secretary of Jiaojiang District Party Committee and Mayor of the district, and Chen Jianguo, deputy mayor of the district, visited Feiyue's booth, inquired about the situation of the exhibition and sales, the development of the enterprise and the sales of products, and expressed their appreciation to Feiyue for its active efforts in creating an ecological industry chain to realize the differentiated development. The company appreciated that Feiyue is actively building an ecological whole industry chain and realizing differentiated development.



New for a long time, hand in hand, and create a new glory for Feiyue!

This year is the glorious moment of Feiyue's 42nd year of establishment. After hard work, brilliant development, painful crisis and difficult transformation, Feiyue has been reshaped and risen in the fission! Summarizing the lessons learned from the past, Feiyue will make changes and innovations to keep up with the future development trend of the industry, and is committed to becoming the manufacturer of domestic multifunctional sewing machines with the strongest supply chain, the most complete varieties, the newest technology, the fastest response, and the best service in the world, and to create a world-class outstanding enterprise! At the exhibition, Feiyue will display the latest innovative products and solutions of the whole industrial chain in an all-round way, actively open up the upstream and downstream of the industry, create an internationalized exchange atmosphere, constantly break the inherent pattern, expand the boundaries of the industry, and strive to pursue innovation, fully demonstrating the cross-border fusion of electronic information technology and laser technology.




Layout of popular applications, the intelligent domestic machine industry has great prospects

Nowadays, "smart home, good life" is frequently mentioned as a hot topic, Feiyue actively layout popular applications of the new track, this year's exhibition, Feiyue dominated the modern intelligent domestic sewing machine, through independent research and development, for the global domestic machine industry to bring subversive technological innovations, and become the world's only industry with servo motors in the domestic machine, fully interprets the concept of green energy-saving products, and gives the machine powerful power and performance, precise control. It is the only home sewing machine in the world equipped with servo motors, which fully interprets the concept of green and energy-saving products, and gives the machine powerful power and performance, and precise control. At the exhibition site, the professional audience really felt the feiyue of intelligent sewing technology. "The mission and responsibility of Feiyue is to integrate intelligent sewing into modern life and to promote the return of modern intelligent sewing machines to modern families. Feiyue enterprises, including Yijing and Hongyu, have integrated and innovated from "quality" to "wisdom", consolidating basic manufacturing technology, integrating new-generation electronic information technology, penetrating into emerging fields, and expanding and seeking for new changes.




Two thematic exhibition areas, glamorous and popular!

As one of the largest manufacturing bases of industrial sewing machines in the world, Feiyue, relying on the platform of Million Square Science Park, integrates talents, R&D and manufacturing resources, and continues to upgrade to digitalization and termination, realizing high-end and intelligent products in the field of industrial machines, providing one-stop intelligent product solutions for global dealers, and boosting the high-quality development of the industry. On the site of CISMA this year, Feiyue's newly launched automatic garment printers, laser cutting machines and a variety of special equipment focusing on the terminal application of cutting-edge technology, made a strong appearance, with clear demand and strong professionalism as the basic principle, to accurately complete the supply and demand fit.




As human civilization enters the era of smart home, Feiyue intelligent domestic machine exhibition area appears more brilliant because of the subversion of industry technology. FY777 is Feiyue's latest domestic computer multi-functional sewing and embroidery all-in-one machine, with a large color LCD touch screen, one-button operation, ultra-fast sewing and embroidery speeds, and large embroidery frames, so that novices can also be free to create. At the exhibition site, two national platforms, Central Video + China.com, broadcasted Feiyue's domestic machine exhibition live, 430,000 people watched online, through immersive experience of sewing and embroidery cutting-edge products and technology introduction, which gave the audience a different on-site experience, and a taste of the great charm of the modern intelligent sewing in the home.


The exhibition has come to a successful end, but Feiyue's development will not stop. Feiyue firmly believes that scientific and technological talents are the future of Feiyue, we will continue to focus on new applications of intelligent domestic sewing without forgetting our original intention, continue to output intelligent sewing solutions and products, present better products and solutions to our customers, and make progress with the industry and develop together!



FEIYUE into a new era, a bright new future! We are looking forward to seeing you in 2025!

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